Dr. Christo Naude Experienced Minister and Counsellor and Mediator

Accreditation as Court-Annexed Mediator
Mediations expert SOCIAL JUSTICE member
Restorative Justice facilitator
Family Mediation expert at Famsa
Experience in Pastoral Therapy D.Th. Unisa 2006
Experienced Pastor at several Churches for the past 30 years
Specialist in Pastoral Therapy for the past 20 years – ACRP member
Focus on Emotional Healing for the past 12 years TPMSA member; Aletheia Experience
Transformational Prayer ministry focus on the hurt from the past and through prayer bring it in the presence of the Lord and receive healing
Specialist in rendering Trauma Counselling for 14 years – TRI Qualified
Expert in online counselling – MobieG
 Trained in Enneagram – Spirituality
Guide individuals and groups of people on their way through a spiritual relationship with the word of God and openness to the guidance of the Holy Spirit into the transcendental mystery of the presence of God, using Pastoral Therapy; Emotional Healing; Trauma Counselling and Retreats
I am available for talks, seminars, courses on Emotional healing; Trauma recovery; Marriage topics, etc.
I am available for Marriage enrichment camps, Spiritual and Emotional Healing Retreats and seminars and talks on a wide variety of subjects.
Facilitate events where God’s loving presence can be experienced through loving care, celebrated through worship, witness through service
Family Mediation since 2015
Trauma counselling 20 years of experience
Emotional Healing 15 years’ experience
Youth camps over 30 years of experience
Family retreats over 20 years of experience
RealStart mentoring Spiritual Quest