Transformational Prayer

  • Maybe your heart beats a little faster … maybe you have a hint of hope that you’ve discovered something you’ve been looking for long ago …
  • The heart knows what it’s looking for. To open up the deepest love and wonderful care … yet the reason always finds a question that needs to be addressed first. Can it work? Does something really exist .. but within you, you’ve already experienced the movement that such a thing can work …

Transformative prayer is designed

  • … for creating environments within which hurt and negative emotions consciously receive attention
  • … to have respect for man and his past, from which the emotions emerge.
  • … to answer the questions of the reason: “is it possible?” “is it real?” and “is the result permanent?”

During the Transformative prayer, you will

  • Get a very good background on the negative emotions in your life. From your earliest life to today you will be able to analyse …
  • Find out how negative emotions have influenced your entire life so far. How emotions influenced your relationship with others and the Lord.
  • Identify where and when your own life was influenced by other people and circumstances. Understand your own loneliness, frustration and sometimes wrestling with life.
  • Give your insight into your beliefs that have been influenced and give you the opportunity to change them. To experience the transformation with the Lord.
  • Discover how the Lord will guide you to enter into a relationship with Him that gives you fulfilling, authentic and joyful lives.
  • The result of becoming people is a ministry to others. As people experience the joy of being free, it automatically turns into serving of joy and joy to others. Other people are touched by the sincerity and caring of the believers and come closer to finding out what’s going on. With that kind of approach, the power of the ministry is trusted to the member.