Our vision is to be an instrument in restoring people to the way God intended them to be. Jesus set the perfect example of serving the lost and needy and we believe that we need to follow in His steps. As a consultancy, we offer support in the form of security, love, acceptance, and welfare.

South Africa currently finds itself in the unenviable situation where crime rates are soaring, with violence, poverty, and unemployment on the increase. Lives are destroyed by poverty, divorce, family and other violence. This causes hopelessness and insecurity about the future. Hopelessness and insecurity then manifest in rebelliousness, which in turn brings forth alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, gangsterism, etc.

To change this predicament, we need to address the root of the problem within the family unit. Every person who experiences such emotional triggering is in dire need of God’s healing via spiritual transformation.

Aletheia is a healing-/ counselling-/therapeutic-driven consultancy for people and families in need of emotional and spiritual healing. Aletheia Experience also specializes in conflict resolution by providing practical solutions to the raging conflict within all communities in the country. Our main aim is to reach those people who cannot afford general counselling and psychotherapy services.

To accomplish this, Aletheia Experience provides services through personal contact, the purpose being to enable people to help themselves through three courses of action, namely:

1) Island retreats

2) Personal counselling and

3) Training members of the body of Christ to assist each other in the healing process.